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Green living

Green clothing

The material of the clothes should be natural. Cotton and hemp materials should be first considered.

Green food

Uncontaminated food will be the main trend in 21st century. In China, green foods that are certified will get a green sign. Green food can be divided into two grades. One is A grade which allows certain fertilizer and pesticide to be used in food producing process. The other is AA grade which totally forbids the usage of such materials.

Green houses

Use high-tech environmental friendly materials and promote sewage treatment in situ. Change sewage to neutrol water and then use it to water the flowers and wash the car.

Green car

Use fluorine-free car air conditioning. Try to realize zero emission in gas discharge and lower the noise of the car to three decibels.

Green home appliance

Green home appliance keeps your home free from toxins and pollution, minimize your energy consumption, and create a healthy environment for your everyday life. For example, low radiation TV, environment friendly microwave ovens and so on.

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