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Nine tips for green consumption

1. Before consumption, find out whether the manufacturing process of the products harms the environment or not. For example, whether the paper is bleached or not.

2. Before consumption, find out whether the products will harm the environment when being used. For example, it consumes less energy and emits less poisonous gas to take public transportation than to drive private cars. And also using rechargeable batteries is better to save energy than using one-off ones.

3. Choose products with long-lasting styles that can be easily cleaned.

4. Don't throw away things that can still be used.

5. Switch off the appliance power when it is not used. Doing this can not only save energy, but also avoid electricity leakage.

6. Sleep on bamboo mat to keep cool in summer. Bamboo mat is better for heat emission than sheets. In this way you can shorten the time you use the air-conditioning.

7. One kilogram of paper can be made out of 3.5 kilograms of woods. In order to protect the forest, you should use paper as few as possible. For example, replace the tissues with handkerchief and write e-mails to save paper.

8. Buy local fruits to avoid the energy consumption during transportation.

9. Take your own chopsticks and plates when eating out. 25 million trees are cut down each year for one-off chopsticks in China on average.

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