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Full Text: The First US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue Economic Track Joint Fact Sheet

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Annex: institutional arrangements and exchanges

The United States and China agree that, in order to jointly address the challenges posed by the international financial crisis, promote economic and financial stability in both countries, and advance the development of bilateral economic relations, it is necessary to institutionalize bilateral economic cooperation between relevant agencies of both countries to a greater extent.

Both sides encourage cooperation through other bilateral economic dialogue mechanisms, including holding the banking supervisors' conference on a regular basis, undertaking dialogue between the US Department of Labor and China's Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security under the framework of existing Letters of Understanding (LOUs), conducting regular exchanges in domestic health and medical system reforms on the basis of on-going multi-level and multi-stakeholder health care cooperation, strengthening cooperation in agriculture and related fields on the basis of the existing and proposed bilateral agreements, continuing to work on the Memorandum of Understanding on Collaboration in Integrative and Traditional Chinese Medicine (2008), and holding the third US-China Investment Forum, the US-China Communications and Information Policy Consultation, the Second Meeting of the US-China Transportation Forum and the Third US-China Symposium on Postal Reform and Express Delivery Services at an appropriate time.


(Xinhua News Agency August 6, 2009)

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