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Talks Beyond the Crisis

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Since the recovery of the global economy is still mired in uncertainty, the first China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue that opens in Washington on Monday is expected to focus on imminent challenges facing the world.

By including a wide range of bilateral, regional and global issues in the high-level talks, the two countries have demonstrated the much-needed farsightedness on the joint front to help shape a strong global strategy and lay the foundation for lasting and balanced growth after the worst economic crisis in many decades is over.

The message is clear: As the world's fastest growing and biggest economies, China and the US will do their best to maintain close communication and collaboration on global issues, properly handle disputes and sensitive matters, and consolidate bilateral ties. The willingness of the two countries to deepen and widen cooperation and mutual trust is important because it would help the world emerge out the economic crisis, and ensure a smooth progress of the post-crisis period.

China and the US both have responded with decisive monetary and fiscal policies to fight the crisis. Though China is showing strong signs of recovery and "spring shoots" seem to be sprouting in the US economy, global recovery is still far from certain. Therefore, the depth and extent of their cooperation to boost bilateral trade and economic ties and oppose protectionism will largely determine how fast the world steps out of recession.

More importantly, the close cooperation between the two countries could yield a solution to long-term challenges such as climate change.

Building Sino-US ties into one of the most vigorous and influential bilateral relations will benefit not only peoples of the two countries, but also help the development of the rest of the globe and further world peace. To achieve that, the two countries have to launch joint efforts to reform the global financial system and put the world economy on the track to sustainable development.

The two-day dialogue is just a stepping-stone to building a positive, cooperative and comprehensive bilateral relationship. And the fruition of such a relationship can only push global development forward and boost the world's confidence in a healthy post-crisis era.

(China Daily July 27, 2009)