People's Livelihood
· Rural Pension System Extended to 2 Mln Tibetan Farmers, Herdsmen
· Training Program Polishes School Teachers in W China
· West Development Strategy to Focus on Improvement of People's Livelihoods
· Wen: China to Improve Social Welfare in the West
· Tibetan Entrepreneurs Benefit from Preferential Policies
· More Tibetans Shake off Poverty as Economy Grows
· Tibetan Children Feel Excitement, Nostalgia of City Life
· County Extends Free Education to Pre-schoolers
· More Rural People Get Access to Electricity in Tibet
· Bilingual Education in Xinjiang Bridging Gaps
· China Unicom to Invest Heavily in Tibet's Telecommunications Build-up
· Gov't Helps Farmers to Sell Bananas in Guangxi
· Coal-rich County Offers Free Medical Care for All
· Hope of Wealth to Ethnic Regions
· Pilgrims Inoculated with A/H1N1 Vaccine in China's Largest Hui Community
· China Opens 1st Regional Radio Broadcast for SE Asian Countries
· Sheds, Fodder Bases for Herdsmen on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
· 17,000 Herdsmen Have Access to Safe Water
· Sound Social Security, Medical Service in Xinjiang
· Auction Aids Kids' Eye Care
· 50,000 Herdsmen Resettled on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
· Xinjiang Offers Medical Assistance to Millions
· China Selects College Graduates as Teachers to Strengthen Education in Western Rural Areas
· Gov't Investment Doubles for Kindergarten Program in Xinjiang
· Xinjiang to Provide More Telecom Services
· Internet to Be Available to More Tibetan Villages
· New Technology Helps Farmers Remote Control Crops
· Radio,TV Program Signals Improved
· Nomads Settling down to Better Lives in Xinjiang
· County to Continue Free Healthcare Trial
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