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III. Economy

GDP: 570 billion yuan (2008)

Average GDP per capita:12,587 yuan (2008)

GDP ratio (1st, 2nd and tertiary industries): 17.9:43.0:39.1.

Poverty alleviation plan:

Yunnan is one of China’s undeveloped provinces with more poverty-stricken counties than other provinces. In 1994, about 7 million people lived below the poverty line of less than an annual average income of 300 yuan per capita, accounting for 9.7 percent of the country’s total poor people. They were distributed in the province’s 73 counties mainly financially supported by the central government.

The poverty alleviation plan includes five large projects aimed at improving infrastructure facilities. They involve soil improvement and water conservancy, electric power, roads and “green belt” building. Upon the completion of the projects, the province will solve the problem of the shortage of grain, water, electric power and roads and improve ecological conditions.

Revenues: 136 billion yuan (2008)

Foreign trade:

Yunnan has trade contacts with more than 70 countries and regions in the world. It mainly exports tobacco, machinery and electrical equipment, chemical and agricultural products and non-ferrous metals. In 2008 its total imports and exports reached US$9.6 billion.

Foreign investment:

In 2008, the province obtained direct foreign investment valued at US$777 million.

Pillar industries:

Four pillar industries involve tobacco, biology, mining and tourism.

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