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III. Economy

GDP : 717.16 billion yuan (2008)

GDP growth rate: 12.8 percent (2008)

Average GDP per capita: 14,966 yuan (2008)

GDP ratio (1st, 2nd and tertiary industries): 7.7:55.7:36.6 (2008)

Poverty alleviation plan:

The population living under the state-regulated poverty line was 15 million in the region in 1984, sharply reducing to 1.69 million in 1999, accounting for 4 percent of the region’s total.

Revenues: 84.356 billion yuan (2008)

Foreign trade:

The total foreign trade volume reached US$13.284 billion in 2008.

Foreign investment:

Guangxi had attracted foreign investors from over 100 countries and regions by the end of 1998, investing in 8,802 overseas funded projects, with the actual-used capital totaling US$8.003 billion. In 1999, 223 projects with foreign investment were registered, with the actual-used capital being US$921 million.

Pillar Industries:

(1)Power industry with the hydropower as the mainstay;

(2)Nonferrous metal industry (The output of 10 leading products came to 523,100 tons, worth of 10.37 billion yuan.);

(3)Building materials industry (cement, plate glass, ceramic, granite and marble); and

(4)Machinery industry (automobile, internal-combustion engine, engineering machines, agricultural machines, electric devices, petrochemical equipment, heavy-duty machines for mining, packaging equipment, equipment for sugar producing, power-generating equipment).

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