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III. Economy

General Domestic Product (GDP): 685.13 billion yuan (2008)

GDP growth rate: 15.6% (2008)

Average GDP per capita: 18,246 yuan

GDP ratio (1st, 2nd, and tertiary industries): 11: 56.1: 32.9 (2008)

Foreign trade:

In 1999, the province had an annual import and export volume of US$2.033 billion, its exports hitting US$1.177 billion, and obtained a turnover of US$86.07 million from contracted labor services in foreign countries, which involved 1,883 technicians and specialized personnel.

Foreign investment:

In 1999 the province had 157 projects involving foreign capital and had an actual utilization of US$265 million in foreign funds. It had 2,980 foreign-funded enterprises, and many transnational corporations have settled in the province including the Brother Company of Japan, the MEMC Corp. of the United States, the Philip Corp. of Holland, and the Northern Electric Appliance Corp. of Canada.

Pillar industries:

Electronics, machinery, pharmaceutical industry, chemicals, energy, foodstuff, and tourism.

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