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IV. Telecommunications


Telephone lines have reached all the villages, making Ningxia the first among the provinces and autonomous regions in the northwest to achieve this. In 1999, there were 12 phones for every hundred people in the autonomous region.

At present, a digital mobile and wireless telephone network covers the whole autonomous region and is connected with networks in other provinces and autonomous regions throughout China. People in Yinchuan, capital of the autonomous region, can dial directly to 195 countries and regions in the world. Mobile and magnetized card telephones, fax, and other communication means bring Ningxia closer to the rest of the world.

Audio and TV stations:

By January 1999, there were 114 film projection units, 4 radio broadcasting stations at the prefectural or higher levels and 8 short- and medium-wave transmitting and relay stations, covering 82.3 percent of the population. There were 4 TV stations at the prefectural or higher levels as well as 9 TV transmitting and relay stations. Cable TV broadcasting made unceasing progress. TV broadcasting reached 83 percent of the population in Ningxia.

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