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VI. Projects wanting foreign investment

Water conservation, electrical power, energy, and transportation These include the Qilinsi Hydropower Station on the Bailong River, the development of the Tuomatan Coal Field in Mazong Mountain, the gas recovery from coke ovens in the Tianshui Coking Plant, the Jiudianxia Pivotal Water Conservation Work on the Taohe River, the Chaijiaxia Hydropower Station on the Yellow River in Lanzhou, the reconstruction and expansion of the Dunhuang Airport.

Non-ferrous metals, petrochemicals, and building materials:

A production line with a capacity of 5,000 tons of electrolytic copper, the Dunhuang Vanadine Mining and Dressing Plant, the Luoba Lead-Zinc Mine in southern Gansu, and the Aksay County Processing Factory of Asbestos Products.

Machinery, electronics, textiles, and light industry:

The expansion of the production capacity of speed-regulation electrical machinery, the production of automobile transmission shaft assembly and spare-parts for imported and home-made cars, the project with a designed annual capacity of producing 100,000 5HP-type slide compressors, and the development of fire quenching equipment, commercial concrete, crane trucks, and waste-water treatment equipment.

Medicine, food, and agricultural by-products:

The second-phase of the project in Jinchang with an annual capacity of producing 2,000 tons of glycerine, the tapping of the natural mineral water with a high content of strontium, the artificial cultivation of Chinese caterpillar fungus, the production base for licorice root in Jiuquan, the development of fit-keeping and nourishing drinks, and the construction of urban and tourism facilities including the Liangzhou Tower, the Lanzhou Children’s Hospital, and the Gansu Commodity Trading Tower.

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