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Inner Mongolia

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V. Transportation


The region has 14 main national and 12 feeder railways as well as five local railways, with a total length of 7,083 km. The density is 59.9 km/10,000-sq-km. The Beijing-Tonghua, Beijing-Baotou, and Baotou-Lanzhou railways traverse west to east through the province, which link the northeast, the north and northwest of China. Manzhouli and Erenhot, two large land ports in the region, connect the region with Russia and Mongolia, and European countries.


It has a total length of 63,000 km, with a density of 532.6 km/10,000 square km. More than 95 percent of townships have access to highways.


It has seven civil airports, which are open to 20 domestic and two international air routes, with a total length of 67,000 km.

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