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III. Economy

GDP: 420.341 billion yuan (2008)

Average GDP per capita: US$2,864 (2008)

GDP ratio (1st, 2nd and tertiary industries): 69.110 billion yuan, 208.674 billion yuan, and 142.557 billion yuan respectively (2008).

Poverty-alleviation plan:

To provide textbooks to children from poverty-stricken families and strive to solve the problem of food and clothing for the poverty-stricken people by the year 2000.

Revenues: 81.899 billion yuan (2008)

Agricultural output value: 117.669 billion yuan (2008)

Foreign trade:

Xinjiang has established economic and trade relations with more than 70 countries and regions in the world. The varieties of commodities Xinjiang exports have increased from more than 10 to nearly 200. Xinjiang enjoys a high reputation on the international market for its local and special products, textiles, and machinery. At present, there are six open cities and economic and technological development zones in Xinjiang. There are also 15 trade passes opening to the outside world. In 1998, the total import and export value reached US$1,690.87 million. Of which US$654.85 million was from export and US$1,036.02 million, from import.

Foreign investment:

There are 110 firms from Hong Kong which have invested US$160 million. Most of the Hong Kong firms are small in size. There are also 13 enterprises established with investment by companies from Taiwan. Xinjiang has attracted a total of 2.2 billion yuan foreign funds. It plans to attract US$200.75 million in the year 2001, of which US$182.75 million will come from foreign loans, an increase of 16.3 percent over the figure of last year, and US$18 million from investment by foreign businessmen, an increase of 5.8 percent. In 1998, the import and export value of foreign-funded enterprises in Xinjiang reached US$115.58 million, US$84.99 million from export and US$30.59 from import.

Pillar industries:

Oil exploitation, petrochemicals, textiles, grain production, chemicals, machinery, electricity, and forest industry.

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