China's Drug Supervision Ready for Olympics

China's drug supervision system is ready for the Olympics, a drug watchdog spokeswoman said on Friday.

China has intensified inspection and testing measures for drugs to safeguard drug safety for Olympic athletes, the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) spokeswoman Yan Jiangying said.

"By now, all the tested drugs and medical apparatus for the Games are qualified," she said.

"From production to distribution and storage, the Chinese government has made closer inspection into all drugs and medical apparatus entering Olympic venues and villages," she said.

The National Institute for the Control of Pharmaceutical and Biological Products, and all the local institutes in Beijing and other co-host cities are ready to test drugs and medical apparatus for athletes, she said.

China has purchased 128 kinds of drugs and 322 medical machines needed by Olympic athletes from qualified pharmacy manufacturers in line with the Olympic guidelines, she said.

"All the drugs and medical apparatus for the Olympics are stored in a special warehouse."

"Staff involved in the purchase, distribution and storage of drugs and medical apparatus have also received strict training to avoid mistakes in any link," she said.

After public bidding, the Beijing Parmaceutical Co., Ltd became the exclusive drugs and medical apparatus distributor for the 22 designated hospitals for the Games, 31 Olympic contest venues and 43 exercise centers, according to Yan.

In addition, the SFDA has launched special investigation into drugs and medical apparatus used in 22 designated hospitals for the Games to ensure drug safety for Olympic athletes, officials and visitors, she said.

(Xinhua News Agency July 18, 2008)

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