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Report on the Economic and Social Development of Tibet

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Beijing-based China Tibetology Research Center on Monday published a Report on the Economic and Social Development of Tibet. Following is the full text:

Report on the Economic and Social Development of Tibet

China Tibetology Research Center

March 2009



I. Growth and Change: Basis of Development

1. Growth of Economic Aggregate and Stimulation of Investment

2. Industrial Development and Structural Change

II. Human Development: Goal of Economic Development

1. Population: Quantity and Quality

2. Education and Human Capital

3. Public Services and Civil Projects

4. Income Level of Farmers and Herdsmen and Poverty Alleviation

III. Sustainable Development: Development Rooted in Environmental Protection and Green Industry

1. Environmental Situation and Protection

2. Economic Growth and Sustainable Development

IV. Government and Market: Encouragement and Promotion for Development

1. Market and Resource Distribution

2. Government and Development

V. Difficulties and Challenges: Obstacles to Development

1. High Development Cost

2. Unbalanced Development

3. Underdeveloped Human Capital

VI. Conclusion: Prospects for Growth and Development

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