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Sichuan Quake Survivors Send Help to Haiti

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Haiti's devastating earthquake has reminded many Chinese of the country's eight magnitude quake in May, 2008. Now people who suffered in that deadly disaster have largely recovered from the nightmare. They are using their own experiences to encourage Haitians of the hope of building a new life.

These teenagers are sending their best wishes thousands of kilometers away.

They witnessed the massive Wenchuan earthquake in May 2008, losing friends and relatives.

Students in Beichuan Middle School share the current feelings of people in Haiti. They recorded this video to encourage Haitian people by recounting their own experiences.

Beichuan Middle School received many donations from home and abroad. After hearing about the Haitian earthquake, students know it's their turn to offer a helping hand.

A student from Beichuan Middle School, said, "Some of them have donated all the money they have except some change for the bus. They say although the money they have given is limited, it demonstrates their love and care."

Beichuan Middle School is only one part of the care and aid coming from Sichuan province.

Many volunteers have organized charity activities.

Fifty-three-year-old Fan Xiaofan has set up a public bank account and invited donations on-line. He organized similar activities after the Wenchuan earthquake. More and more people are now joining him.

Volunteer Fan Xiaofan said, "When Sichuan suffered the devastating earthquake, many countries and the international community offered us strong support. It's time to pay it back. So we want to do something. "

Fan said he will hand over the donations he has gathered to the Red Cross Society...One of his hope is to serve as a volunteer in Haiti to do even more.

(CCTV January 27, 2010)