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Int'l Volunteers Regard Reported Beijing Air Pollution as Misconception

"It's misconception," said Jason Myles from Purdue University of the United States on Wednesday while talking about the reported air pollution in Beijing.

Myles is one of the 292 international Olympic media operation volunteers who will work for the Olympic News Service (ONS) during the upcoming Games.

"I heard the air pollution in Beijing was serious. In the first couple of days after I arrived here, there was foggy out. I mistook the fog for air pollution but then from the fourth day it's completely blue sky," Myles told Xinhua.

He clarified his point saying one guy from his university came to Beijing two months ago, and when he came back home he said the air pollution wasn't bad.

"So I think its misconception. Beijing is really changing which is good," He said. "I think Beijing has done a good job on cutting emissions down. It'll be nice for the Games too."

Myles' words were echoed by Elinathan Ohiomoba from the University of Iowa in the United States, who said, "I do have heard something about the air pollution here, but I think it's clear actually. Now we have blue sky and that is nice."

Michael Zheng, who moved to Australia when he was three and who is studying in the University of Queensland, also nodded with their points of view, saying, "I think it's (the air) been very good so far."

Around 210 of the 292 volunteers, who are going to work as flash quote reporter, wrapped up here Wednesday their two-day training on ONS by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (BOCOG).

According to the BOCOG, some 951 ONS-paid staff and volunteers will work for the Beijing Olympics, which is the largest number ever in the Olympic history.

(Xinhua News Agency July 17, 2008)

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