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Inhumane Wild Animal Performances Prohibited

Wild animals in China are now better protected after years of strengthened efforts in regulating the breeding of wild animals, a spokesman for the State Forestry Administration said.


China has set up 16 wild life rescue and protection centers around the country, and a total of over 310 posts for local wild animal protection, according to Cao Qingyao, the spokesman for the National Forest Bureau.


Cao stressed that a ban on performances that involve feeding large beasts with live animals has proven effective in wild animal protection, and he also highlighted stricter regulations imposed on animals performing in the circus. No inhumane performances would be approved, according to Cao.


The State Forestry Administration has issued a series of laws and regulations concerning wild animals, clearly specifying the criteria for permitting animal breeding: location, sanitation, quality of feedstuff and technology.


Experts have been assigned across China to check on the work of local officials, with substandard units having their operations suspended, Cao added.


Cao also noted that an animal-friendly consciousness has taken root in Chinese society and people are showing more care and concern for wild animals.

( October 7, 2007)

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