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Rain Causes Deaths, Devastation

Torrential rain that hit Chongqing City this week has killed at least nine people caused damage estimated at 573 million yuan (US$72 million).

The municipality suffered the heavy rainstorms from Wednesday, according to a West China Metropolis Daily report yesterday.

According to local authorities' statistics, the disaster has hit 20 districts and counties, affecting nearly 2.35 million people.

The storms also resulted in high water levels in rivers and triggered several flash floods and landslides.

In addition to the nine deaths, at least three others are missing. More than 110,000 people were evacuated. The rainfall also damaged to 91,300 hectares of crops, of which 4,200 hectares were destroyed.

The storms and flooding caused serious damage to the city's infrastructure.

(Shanghai Daily May 26, 2007)

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