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Primary School Girls Get Sex Education

Primary school girls in Guangzhou, south China's Guangdong Province, finally got the chance on Wednesday to ask some important sex education questions.

Zhu Jiaming, vice director of the Sex Education Association of Guangdong Province, gave a lecture on sex education Wednesday to school girls at Weiguorao Primary School in Guangzhou, making it the first ever such pioneering effort in the city, the locally-based 'Information Times' reported.

Zhu addressed many issues related to sex education with pupils from Grade 5 and 6, such as how students should deal with special feelings for the opposite sex. He was also quite moved by the enthusiasm of school girls in raising a large number of questions that they are interested, like "what leucorrhea actually is, and how to face the period during puberty, and so on".

The lecture was part of a citywide pioneering program on sex education jointly launched by the Sex Education Association of Guangdong Province and a local hospital.

One-third of the girls in Grade 6, 11 to 12 years old, have begun menstruating, according to an official with the school. However, most of the girls are confused about the changes in their bodies as sex education has not been included in their curriculum.

(Xinhua News Agency October 27, 2007)

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