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China to Beef up Support for Major Cultural Enterprises

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The Chinese government will increase its support for major cultural enterprises in a bid to boost the development of the country's cultural sector, Vice-Cultural Minister Ouyang Jian said Thursday.

It's imperative for fast growth in the cultural industry to cultivate a large number of competitive cultural enterprises and help them grow into leading cultural companies, he said during a training course for executives of four large cultural enterprises affiliated with the ministry.

Further, he pledged a support package for cultural enterprises, especially for the leading ones.

The government will roll out more favorable tax and fiscal policies, and other policies facilitating these enterprises to receive bank loans, go public, and use land, Ouyang said.

It will also build cultural industry zones, establish platforms for cultural enterprises to raise capital and invest, and platforms for these enterprises to trade intellectual property and other intangible assets, he said.

Further, the government will continue to crack down on violations of intellectual property rights (IPR), piracy and counterfeiting so as to protect the IPR, copyright and brand of cultural enterprises, he said. China is currently undertaking a reform of its cultural sector, which seeks to build a stronger cultural industry with higher profitability and expand public cultural services.

(Xinhua News Agency December 3, 2010)

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