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China-US Co-op on Public Health Conducive to World Peace, Development

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The cooperation between China and the United States on public health can not only improve the health of both peoples and facilitate the positive comprehensive cooperation between the two countries, but also be of strategic significance to world peace and development, a Chinese health official said on Tuesday.

Deputy Health Minister Yin Li told a press conference at the China-US strategic and economic dialogue that healthcare is relevant to the interests of everyone and a balanced socio-economic development.

Economic globalization quickens diseases across boundaries, Yin said. All countries are facing challenges and threats posed by new and traditional epidemics as well as chronic non-contagious diseases.

"Therefore, both countries believe that it is of great significance to expand China-US research and cooperation on disease issues, especially those concerning global public health," Yin told reporters.

Hailing the sound cooperation on public health in the past two decades, Yin said the two sides have conducted extensive cooperation in the fields of medical science, personnel training, the control and prevention of new epidemics and the food and drug administration.

The two countries are also maintaining close relations on the control of the A/H1N1 flu, the deputy health minister said, adding that both sides have a personnel exchange at the disease control and prevention centers and an information exchange on daily basis.

As to the future cooperation on China-US health issues, Yin said China has put forward three proposals. First, to boost the bilateral cooperation on global health and promote the establishment of a transparent mechanism of information exchange and cooperation under the framework of international health regulations.

Besides, the two sides should work actively to push forward the reform of healthcare system and improve the accessibility and quality of healthcare, Yin said.

He also called to boost the training and development of human resources in the health field.

(Xinhua News Agency July 29, 2009)

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