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Senior CPC Official: Future of Sino-Japanese Ties Relies on Young People

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Li Changchun, a senior official of the Communist Party of China (CPC), said on Thursday that the future of the China-Japan relations depended on the young people of the two countries.

Li, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, made the remarks when meeting with Kyoto Prefecture Governor Keiji Yamada.

"The foundation of Sino-Japanese ties depends on the people. To further advance the mutually beneficial cooperation and friendly exchanges, it is of particular importance to deepen and consolidate friendly exchanges of young people," Li said.

The formation of sister localities between Chinese provinces and cities and Japanese prefectures and cities constitutes an important part of Sino-Japanese ties, he said, adding such communication has become a major channel to promote bilateral economic cooperation and enhance friendly feelings between the two peoples.

"During my stay, I have contacted Japanese people from all walks of life, from which I deeply feel that our cooperation boasts a broad future," he said.

Currently, Chinese and Japanese localities have formed 242 pairs of friendly friendship. "Thanks to such solid, deep and extensive non-governmental exchanges, the bilateral ties can continuously overcome difficulties and generally march forward along the right direction," he said.

He urged local governments at all levels between the two countries to generate new manners of exchanges and explore new cooperative channels so as to give impetus to the further growth of China-Japanese strategic relations of mutual benefits.

Keiji Yamada said bilateral exchanges and cooperation could be uplifted to a new height as long as the two sides could make concerted efforts.

Li also visited a tablet that engraved a poem by late Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai. The tablet, located in Arashiyama and erected three decades ago, engraved the poem written by Zhou when he studied in Kyoto.

Li presented a flower bouquet and bowed in front of the tablet, paying tribute to Zhou.

Li told Japanese people present that Premier Zhou paid high attention to the cause of Sino-Japanese friendship and devoted huge efforts to the bilateral friendship for generation to come. "Presently, Sino-Japanese relations have shown good momentum for further growth. Such trend is closely linked with the efforts made by Japanese people who cherished Sino-Japanese friendship and your deeds comforts and reassures the spirits of Premier Zhou," Li said.

Kyoto is among the first Japanese localities to communicate with China and thus takes an important role during the 2,000-year-long history of Sino-Japanese contacts. "I hope Kyoto continue to play an active part and come to the fore for pushing forward Sino-Japanese friendship for generations to come," Li said.

Li is the highest-ranking official who visits Japan this year. Besides Prime Minister Aso, he also met with leaders of political parties and senior executives of the Japanese business community.

(Xinhua News Agency April 3, 2009)