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University Asked to Reform Enrollment

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Eleven professors at China's prestigious Peking University, in a letter to their university head, have called for breaking enrollment polices that focus exclusively on test scores and, instead, giving more consideration to students' personal interests and passion for learning.

Test scores are continuing to "overwhelmingly" surpass interviews to become the only criteria in Peking's university enrollment, which remains an obstacle in the faculty's efforts to select and cultivate the most-desired talents, the professors said, according to a press release issued Tuesday on the university's official website.

These professors propose an enrollment method integrating students' test scores and their performances during interviews before experts at the university.

Dated Nov. 5, the letter said for those whose test scores in university entrance examinations have entered a range of upper or above levels, more consideration should be given in the enrollment to non-intelligence factors, such as personal interests, attitude, professional passion and sense of social responsibility.

The university's policy of selecting students based only upon test scores, ignorant of their comprehensive quality and research perspective, will make it difficult to cultivate students with creative minds and leadership abilities, according to the letter.

(Xinhua News Agency November 10, 2010)

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