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Students Sing, Dance at Summit to Celebrate Biodiversity

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 Members of Don't Eat Friends, an organization that supports animal welfare and veganism, perform on percussion instruments made from everyday objects at the 2010 Roots & Shoots summit in Beijing on Saturday. [CnDG by Jiao Meng]

 A student from Beijing 101 Middle School performs a Michael Jacksons song at the 2010 Roots & Shoots summit in China. [CnDG by Jiao Meng]

Young students from across China gathered Saturday at 101 Middle School in Beijing to show their support for animal welfare and eco-friendly lifestyles through singing, dancing and more.

The students, all part of the Chinese branch of the international, student-led Roots & Shoots organization run by the Jane Goodall Institute, were celebrating the UN-declared International Year of Biodiversity at the 2010 Roots & Shoots summit.

The summit began with a percussion performance by volunteers from Don't Eat Friends, an organization committed to improving animal welfare and promoting veganism. Other Roots & Shoots groups performed street dancing, cosplay and beatboxing to introduce their organizations' missions and achievements in environmental protection.

"I feel proud to be one of us," said Dr. Jane Goodall, the British chimpanzee researcher. "Your passion gives me a whole new package of energy."

"The future of our planet lays in you," Goodall added.

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