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Post-90s, New Strength in China's Internet

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With the development and rapid popularization of the Internet in China, the demographic of the Internet users has rapidly changed.

According to China Internet Information Center (CNNIC), 16.6% of Chinese Internet users are below 18 years old, while 35.1% of them are aged between 18 to 24 years old.

In the past few years the development of Social Networking Sites has boomed across the Chinese digital landscape, these sites, such as Kaixin,RenRen and target young netizens. As well as online media such as 1626, and 360quan aimed at the trendy young demographic.

The word "post-90s" refers to people born after 1990. Times change, the post 90s generation has different values and behaviours compared to their predecessors.

Differently from the 80s, the post 90s are more adept in utilizing the Internet. Professor Neng Liu from Social Science Department of Peking University says the post 90s are "the generation born with the computer mouse".

Their needs and knowledge of the Internet is much more sophisticated than any other generations. No matter for shopping, making friends or showing off themselves, the Internet provides all the elements for their growth.

360quan, as the biggest post 90s online media company in China, has more than 90% of its users were born after 1990. The website has successfully conducted a series of online marketing plans aimed at post 90s users.

According to Mr.Yue Feng, the director of the 360quan website, the post 90s has strong attitudes and want to draw attention to themselves, such joining activities that can showcase their talents or style. They listen to Ipods, play PSP game, they love COSPLAY and non-mainstream (a kind of fashion trend). Moreover, some have even created their own online language which called "Mars" words.

Technologically-savvy, the post 90s generation have quickly become active users of the Internet. Mr.Yue says, the post 90s trust Internet more than older generation.

They love to show every behavior of themselves on the Internet, some people even take pictures of themselves when they are going to the bathroom, and upload them to the Internet. They can easily master web-cameras and using their cell phones take photos of themselves and upload them online. "360quan's hot player" competition is a perfect example. Users upload their pictures to qualify as a participant.

Finally, the winner is selected and enjoys a limousine ride to a party where a group of professional stylists and photographers take pictures of them. The post 90s users are the prototypes of future super-stars.

Although the post 90s generation are becoming a strength on the Internet, more understanding and caring is needed for the group. It is a pity to see some media attack these young people to attract the public's attention.

With the growth of the post 90s generation, webmasters should focus on finding their personality and favorite interests, by combining these features with the website's style and function, and create websites matching the features, so that to find the spiritual resonance with the Post 90s.

Miracles can happen in China's Internet business. In the future, companies who gain the trust and recognition of the biggest Internet user's group, stands to dominate the online landscape - at least until the next generation is ready to take over.

(China Daily December 5, 2009)