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Love for the Poor

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In order to help the farmers get loans, Shi visited all the 6,000 families in 22 villages in two years and set up detailed credit data for the farmers.

The roads to the remote villages were so rugged that Shi had to go there on feet. It took him more than five hours to walk to the farthest village.

In Wantang Village, Shi received the cold shoulder. Head of the village told him that villagers had no interest in loans offered by his Cooperatives. They were preoccupied with worries about their houses, most of which were under the threat of mud-rock flow

Knowing that local government had a special fund for old house renovation, Shi urged the township government to help the village. As a result of his lobbying, each family of the village got 6,000 yuan government subsidy. Shi also ratified a loan of 30,000 yuan (US$4,411) to each family to help them build new houses in safer areas.

"Only when people live in peace, can they work happily," Shi said.

During his 27 years of work, 98 percent of loans that Shi ratified have been repaid.

"I can tell whether a person can repay a loan or not after I talk to him for several times. As long as he has the capability, ideas and actions, I would have confidence in him," Shi said.

Due to his outstanding performance, Shi was transferred to Shuitang Town RCC in February 2009.

As the global financial crisis spread to China, a large number of farmers-turned-migrant workers returned home after loosing their jobs in the city.

Zhang Qizhong, a farmer of Daguan Village, went to work in Guangdong 20 years ago. Starting from a worker earning 30 yuan a month, Zhang owned his own factory and had accumulated an asset of more than 6 million yuan by 2000.

Affected by the global financial crisis, Zhang's toy factory went bankrupt in late 2008. He lost most of his money and had to return to hometown.

Believing Zhang was a good entrepreneur, Shi ratified a loan of 100,000 yuan to him to set up a chicken farm.

Shi said laid off migrant workers would be a focus of his work in the coming year. "A timely loan may help them out of difficulties and start a new life," he said.

(Xinhua News Agency November 7, 2009)

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