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China Launches Scheme to Label Low-carbon-intensive Products

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Chinese environmental authorities are to offer assessments of the carbon "imprint" of products and certify "low carbon" labels for use by manufacturers if their products meet standards.

The move is aimed at encouraging manufacturers to develop low-carbon- intensive products so consumers can make informed choices, the Ministry of Environmental Protection said Thursday in a statement to Xinhua.

The carbon imprint of products with affects on the climate could be labeled by manufacturers as "low-carbon products" if they meet the standards, according to the statement.

Yan Yuping, an environment certification expert in the ministry, said the ministry was yet to set the standards and the exact date for starting certification had not been finalized.

The ministry signed a contract Thursday to cooperate with German environmental bodies on certifying low-carbon-intensive products. More than 10 countries have similar programs.

Yan said the certification and labeling would be voluntary for Chinese manufacturers and the products entitled to certification would be mostly daily necessities.

Environmental issues, especially climate change, are becoming a growing concern around the world. With a population 1.3 billion, China is gearing up efforts in fighting against environmental deterioration.

(Xinhua News Agency October 15, 2009)

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