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Africa to Use Climate Change for Sustainable Development

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Climate change risks need to be integrated into national development projects and strategies Nigeria's National Environmental Standards and Regulatory Enforcement Agency (NESREA) said on Thursday.

"With coherent and proper coordination, Africa can steer the engine of economic growth and development toward a carbon-neutral path for sustainable development," NESREA said in a statement.

Ngeri Benebo, NESREA's director-general, also said in the statement that development programs in Africa should focus attention on women and children.

Such programs would ensure the attainment of the MDGs and the alleviation of poverty in the developing countries, she said.

The strengthening of community institutions to help them provide social safety and develop new improved coping mechanisms would be critical in the government's efforts to address the climate change issues, according to NESREA.

(Xinhua News Agency December 4, 2009)

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