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Copenhagen Santa Lights 'Green' Christmas Tree

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With just over a week to go before the Copenhagen climate summit opens, an environmentally friendly Santa has lit a Christmas tree in the Danish capital. It's considered one of the "greenest" Christmas trees, as its lights are running on pedal power.

Santa lit the traditional Christmas tree with fireworks in the Danish capital's town hall square on Sunday.

Human power was used to keep the lights glowing. Volunteers will take turns pedaling, to keep the lights running until December 18th, the final day of the climate summit. The city's mayor, Pia Aller-slev called on the participants of the summit to work to make the world a better place to live.

Pia Allerslev, Copenhagen Mayor, said, "In this way we won't just inspire Copenhagen but the rest of the world to limit CO2 emissions. We also tell the thousands of guests that are coming to the UN summit on December 7th, that it shouldn't be too difficult to make the earth a cleaner and healthier place to live."

(CCTV November 30, 2009)

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