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Modern Abbot Promotes Buddhism with Microblog

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China's political advisors are making increasing use of micro-blogging to get public opinions. But today we want to tell you about one CPPCC member blogger who breaks the stereotype. CCTV reporter Han Bin interviewed the Venerable Master Xuecheng, a Buddhist monk. He talked about how he and other monks are integrating the traditional Buddhist doctrines into modern civilization, and using modern technology to spread Chinese culture.

Praying for peace at Beijing's Longquan Monastery.

Venerable Master Xuecheng is the Abbot. He's also the Vice-President of the Chinese Buddhist Association. And to the surprise of many, he's a prolific blogger. His microblog is updated every day, in 8 languages. Since 2006, he's already logged nearly 9 million page views.

Venerable Master Xuecheng, Abbot, Longquan Monastery, said, "In an information era world and multi-cultural society, Buddhism as an important part of Chinese tradition, can be better spread through media interaction between the faithful and us."

Venerable Master Xuecheng 

Master Xuecheng is also a member of China's top political advisory body. China's distinctive system of democratic consultation allows different religious groups to use religion to promote social harmony.

Xuecheng's proposal this year, is how to use new media to reduce cultural differences and spread Chinese tradition.

Venerable Master Xuecheng said, "There's an imbalance of information flow between the East and West. New media could help the West better understand China and its culture."


Venerable Master Xuecheng

Buddhism is the biggest religion in China. Across the world, there are over 300 million believers. Master Xuecheng believes that the traditional virtues of Buddhism should not be changed over time, but promoting Buddhism could be adjusted to the demands of modern society and people.

Xuecheng has embraced modern technology to carry forward traditional culture. This includes Buddhist concepts in the digital age. And he's encouraging his fellow believers to do the same.

CCTV's Han Bin said, "In his newly published book, 365 Days at Beijing Longquan Monastery, Master Xue Cheng says in 8 languages that, only the Buddhism that can be spread widely and hold influence upon society remains healthy and vigorous. He hopes Chinese Buddhism will keep up with the times and embrace modern technology to promote the Buddha's teachings around the world."

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