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China's supply chain expo offers more business opportunities -- expert

Xinhua, December 06, 2023 Adjust font size:

The China International Supply Chain Expo (CISCE) is a good platform for companies to seek opportunities and catch insights, said a Hong Kong logistics professional here on Thursday.

"For example, we learned Geely Auto's methanol-fueled vehicles at its booth, which wasn't mentioned in our previous exchanges," said Adam Fong, managing director of Greater China at Scan Global Logistics (SGL), in an interview with Xinhua.

"So we can get pre-prepared for transportation of methanol-fueled products, which will definitely have special and specific requirements different from lithium-ion battery electric vehicles or hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles," he added.

The SGL, one of the biggest logistics suppliers of the United Nations, appreciates China's efforts for creating the platform and bringing international companies together, said Fong.

Expecting more presence of international enterprises at the expo in the future, he hopes to make more friends and develop more partnerships with participating companies.

The CISCE, the world's first national-level supply chain expo, is being held in Beijing from Tuesday to Saturday, with the theme of "Connecting the World for a Shared Future."