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Uganda seeks DRC authorization to hunt ADF inside its territory

Xinhua,December 31, 2017 Adjust font size:

KAMPALA, Dec. 31 (Xinhua) -- Uganda is engaging and seeking authorization from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) government for a mandate to hunt the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) in its territory, a military spokesperson said here on Sunday.

Brig. Richard Karemire, Ugandan military spokesperson, told Xinhua that the authorities in Kampala are engaging their Kinshasa counterparts for permission to allow the East African country's infantry troops to cross into eastern DRC to pursue and hunt the rebel group, currently causing havoc in North Kivu Province.

"DRC is a sovereign state (and) independent country. It's absolute common sense to engage its authorities on such matter of common security interest, more so when these ADF terrorists have established havens on its territory," said Karemire.

On Dec. 22, Uganda People's Defense Forces (UPDF) used its jet fighters and artillery fire to attack the outfit's bases in the jungles of eastern DRC's North Kivu province, according to the Ugandan military.

The army said over 100 rebel fighters were killed in the operation that was sparked off by the group's attack on the UN peacekeepers, which killed 15 Tanzanian blue helmets and five DRC troops and wounded 53 others. Enditem